I am a general purpose pervert

My name is Kitty

I am on my merry way to becoming a licenced sex educator, focusing on kink, bondage and alternative relationship styles (all forms of non-monogamy, including swing, open relationships and polyamory). I organize workshops all around Europe to promote and educate people in these topics. My style of teaching stems not from a position of power, but rather from a desire to discuss sexuality and relationships openly and honestly. I believe that we have, for a very long time, ignored sexuality, burying it under a mountain of taboos, and we have taken our relationships for granted, without giving them the proper consideration they deserve. It is about time that changed.

I help organize a monthly event for people in alternative relationships. I also volunteer to the Romanian OpenCon, an event that takes place twice a year for people who live or are interested in alternative relationship styles. There, I get to pester everyone about consent and safety. These two subjects are very important to me. As is equality and acceptance of others, no matter their sex, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and personal beliefs, as long as those beliefs don’t try to discriminate and exclude others.

I am the organizer of the Bucharest Meet and Greet for newbies in kink, but also various workshops on kinky subjects. However, my main focus has always been ropes. I teach Japanese-inspired bondage and I organize the Bucharest Peer Rope, workshops in Romania and abroad and I offer private tuition to those who are interested. I offer private tuition on Skype for those who have a difficult time finding a rope tutor in their area.

I have had the privilege to learn from some of the very best rope wizards, participating in workshops by Gorgone, Gestalta, Tifereth, Eris, Pilar, Andrea Ropes, Esinem, Andrea QuartaCorda, Pedro Cordas, Isabelle Hanikamu, Hajime Kinoko, Bingo Shigonawa, Ren Yagami. I look at rope from both sides, both as a rigger and a model.

I am also a visual advocate. I enjoy performing on stage. As a natural-born exhibitionist, I feed on the reactions of a public to watch me torture or be tortured on stage. I have had the incredible luck of performing with some immensely talented and creative people: DarkShibari, Baje, BillieRose, Nina Russ, Andrea Ropes, Isabelle Hanikamu, Maxim Kalahari. I have performed in Bucharest, London, Rotterdam, Lyon, Prague, Berlin, and hope to find many more places to display my art.

But the stage is not my only home. I have always been open to expressions of sexuality and art revolving around the human body. Modelling for various projects that involve nudity or fetishes has always been a passion for me.

If you have any questions about sex, kink, open and poly relationships, swing, fetishes, safer sex, how to organize events in your own area, bondage, sex toys or anything related, please don’t be shy and ask me. I guarantee that it would be an achievement to shock me with anything you say and you will always find that I don’t judge and I don’t allow emotions to get in my way. I love helping others out with info and I write about these topics on my blog!

Beyond all of this, I am many more things, complex, yet to be discovered, ever changing. I am an avid sci-fi fan, I love the sea and living beings of any kind (though I am less partial to the human species :P). I try to educate positive outlooks on life, order and meaning, even though I tend to be quite pessimistic, I know that life is a mess and I think there is no meaning to any of this.

If you want to start out in bondage, I also sell ropes, made of jute or hemp, and you can find out more by contacting me or by visiting my shop page, where you can get all the info needed. You will also find there more information about private online tuition in bondage.

A bit of spotlight

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