Rope Bottom Bag – What to have on you when getting tied

November 9, 2017 ,

I am absolute sucker for lists of all kinds and this list of what to pack when you are going to get tied has definitely been of immense help, to me and others. So I thought I would share it with you all, just in case someone else might find it useful 😀

A rope bottom can go to many different events and some of them definitely require serious packing (like a day-long workshop or going out of town for private tuition). But even a small rope session outside of your home might call for items that could make your life a whole lot easier. So I am going to try and break down the lists of items based on the various occasions when one might need them.

For a play session or lab time:

– something to dress with (in case I don’t want to be naked); my go-to combo is either a body with high socks or leggings and a nice blouse/body
– water and something sweet
– fresh socks and panties (to avoid porn feet and in case the panties end up in my mouth at some point, as it is known to happen)
– small hairbrush and a hair band (pack two or three just in case someone else might need an extra one), because hair somehow always gets tangled in the rope…
– toothpaste and toothbrush (travel sized stuff, for quick refreshment)
– deodorant (cause rope makes me sweaty)
– wet wipes for general usage (make up running all over the face, panties too wet, you know…)
– small lint roller, because ropes
– some medicinal alcohol, in case anything needs disinfecting
– first aid kit with something for pain, because pain might occur for any number of reasons
– condoms, just in case things get hot and heavy (plus a bit of lube)
– a fluffy, warm jacket (in case I get tired or cold, I can take a small nap somewhere)

For longer interactions (workshops and private tuition):

– all of the above
– a pair of super warm socks (a lot of shibari places have a no-shoes policy and the floor might be cold)
– a notebook and a pen (because there is always some useful information in the workshops for me)
– a tiny little foam mat (I found one at Ikea for a super-decent price, but you can also just cut a circle out of a puzzle-type mat, just to have something to sit on if needed)
– two pieces of rope (if i want to practice something I see in the workshop myself)
– safety scissors (always bring your own :P)

For rope photoshoots outside:

– all of the above
– insect repellent spray
– sunscreen
– various outfits discussed with the photographer (each packed in their own bag, to avoid confusion and time wasting on location)
– high heels
– comfortable shoes in case you need to stand or walk around a lot
– hat and sunglasses, because the summer, in some places, is merciless

Also keep in mind that I usually overpack so pick the stuff that is useful to you and forget the rest 😛 I have also made this cute little list that you could use, if you find it helpful (you can download it and print it from here:

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