Of a Girl’s Simple Pleasures: Sensuality

February 16, 2019 ,

A finger brushed away that loose strand of hair that was sweeping the top of my shoulder. I could barely feel his hand close to my neck, but even this smallest presence of his body commanded all of my attention. I smiled, looking down at my hands resting in my lap. I felt ashamed of the dirty thoughts this closeness brought about. The slightest movement or touch or whisper was strong enough to bring my senses back from the dead. I smiled out of the corner of my mouth, silently begging him to stop toying with me, to rip off my clothes and take me. But I wanted to feed his desire of me and feel every sensation I was offered, so I just kept smiling.

His fingers curled the strand of hair behind my ear and then his fingerprints rode that landscape that started at the back of my neck, down the spine, all the way to where my backless dress was resting on the small of my back. As his hand descended, he drew in closer to me. I could smell his aftershave and his perfume. I could feel the heat of his body radiating onto mine as he leaned in and his lips touched my neck barely. Then his teeth sunk into my flesh and a long moan escaped my hungry mouth. He bit my neck gently, brutally, he sucked on my skin as I felt my face on fire and that delicious tingle in between my thighs. Then his mouth climbed as his hand descended. He grabbed my ass and squeezed it and bit my jaw, bit my chin, licked my lower lip and intruded upon my mouth with his tongue.

I felt myself going limp in his arms, flustered by the sensations, abandoned in his want. He scooped me up in his arms and placed me on his lap, straddling him, never giving my mouth a rest. Both of his arms were wrapped tightly around me, working relentlessly. Peeling off a dress strap from my shoulder and uncovering a breast, cupping my breast and squeezing my nipple, lifting the hem off my thigh and caressing the skin under my clothing, teaching me that patience is a virtue, but aching hunger for his flesh is an uncontrollable impulse.

I put my arms out, circling his neck, while his arms were reaching under my skirt, his thumbs pressing the soft flesh were my pussy lips turn into the lighter skin of my inner thigh. I pictured those fingers deep inside of me and undefined noises escaped my mouth, but I said nothing still. He lifted my dress over my head, cupped the back of my neck with one hand and his fingers glided up into my hair, entwining themselves into the soft innocent strands. His lips were caressing my cheek, pushing themselves into my pulsing carotid, digging themselves in between my breasts, under the cascade of blonde hair wildly embracing his head as I was kissing his furrowed brow. The sensations were washing over me. The prickly hairs growing back after the morning shave teasing the skin on my breasts, his firm fingers grabbing at the muscles on my thighs and my calves and back up my thighs, the smell of his perfume combined with the sweat of his excitement, his erection through his jeans.

I took off his T-shirt and ran my long nails against the skin of his chest. I basked in the delicious texture of him as he unzipped his jeans, picked me up, turned me and threw me on the bed. I bounced up and down on the mattress as he came over me, kissing the top of my left knee, the flesh between my legs, pulling down my panties with a finger and placing a kiss right there. He spread my legs apart with his knees and pressed his hands into everything that met his path. My belly, my breasts, my shoulders and my wrists. I caressed his face, lifted my head and kissed his lips, I demanded his tongue with mine as his cock pressed into me, claiming my surrender, commanding to be allowed and I allowed it.

His entire body arched and tensed as he moved in and out, making me sway with him, with legs firmly wrapped around his waist, with his mouth working just as hard as his cock to get me wet, to keep me moaning. I turned my head and looked in the mirror. Seeing his firm ass rounding up with every new assault, seeing myself pressed under him, seeing his hands holding my wrists in place, his nudity, my abandon. I loved his weight on top of me. We both transformed to something heavy, real, present. His euphoric fingers exploring my body, up and down, his breath on my shoulder, at my breast, in the palm of my hand, howling in my ear as he bit my lobe. I felt the painful soft indents of his teeth on my neck, on my lower lip, on the very tip of my hardened nipple. I felt all the pain and the ecstasy, all the joy combined in one as his back tensed as did his face and I knew he was about to cum. I held him close as he pressed me down and we let go at the same time.

And the aftermath turned sweeter than the act itself, as he guided drops of sweat on my back, with his fingers. Kissing every part of my body while inhaling me, he whispered to me how delicious and beautiful and enticing I was. He told me what would happen the next time and he shared fantasies that only I could occupy.

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