Of a Girl’s Simple Pleasures: Fingers

January 19, 2019 ,

Why do humans only have ten? Why are they spread out on only two hands? Such a waste, if you ask me. I dream of fingers. I dream of long, tender fingers caressing my soft cheek with their hardened knuckles. A thumb rubbing against my lower lip, spreading the lipstick on the side of my face as I moan and squirm. I look down at the floor, ashamed of myself, afraid of the intensity of this touch. The finger is pushing between my lips, meeting the barrier of my teeth, pushing my mouth open. One finger on my tongue, getting soaked, as I am drooling uncontrollably, thinking of where it will end up. I am creating the scene in my mind as two fingers, then three soak up my hungry drool. I keep looking at the floor, pushed up against a wall. I would run, but where to? I would not want to run, even though the excitement is so intense it sends shivers down my spine. It turns me into a wild animal, all instinct and no control. My mind is screaming at me to disappear, to escape. It knows what is about to happen. But my body is entirely focused on the feeling. Three fingers getting soaked in my drool, on my tongue, pushing my jaw down, making me stick out my tongue.

Other fingers are grabbing the fabric on my shoulder, unveiling it. Finding a bra strap, pulling it down, grabbing a fistfull of breast. I moan. Fingers digging into my tits, I throw my head back. Wet fingers, dry fingers and all me in between.

The wet fingers leave my mouth. I tremble at their abandonment, knowing their destination. Anticipation, breathless anticipation and the unbearable buildup. I hunch my shoulders, shy, uncharacteristically shy. It makes me blush to feel his fingers reach under my skirt. He leans in and kisses my neck. He bites that soft flesh where a pounding artery tells him how excited I am. His three wet fingers under my skirt are touching me through my panties. I want to run and I want to beg. Please, please give me your fingers. Take me with your fingers. Make me feel with your fingers. Dig them deep, right into the core of my fantasies. The wetness of his fingers mixed with the wetness in my panties, as it has soaked through, a betrayal of my dirty thoughts.

And then he does it, my favorite thing in the world. He pulls my panties to the side, feeling the juicy cum forming a long string connecting my pussy to the fabric. He pulls gently and I instinctively close my knees. I feel self conscious, given away by my body that screams in certainty of what it wants. He knows how much I want him, he knows everything. He can see the slut even though she tries to avert her eyes. The need, the hunger, the desire. The secret is out now and my body feels flustered as fingers, long, expert fingers reach into my folds. The fingertips move back and forth, spreading the colorless liquid into every fold, getting soaked once more. The same tips move around my clit, in circles. They are careful not to touch it, as the feeling would be too intense. I squirm, I shift from one leg to the other, I want the fingers to go in, but I feel paralyzed by the revealed need. His fingers keep moving back and forth, paving their way to the entrance and my vagina responds, twitching nervously, releasing more juice.

He takes his fingers out of my panties and puts them on my lips. I open. I taste myself and I taste sweet and horny and needy. He takes the fingers and puts them in his own mouth. I look up to see his tongue touch the colorless cum that my body offered up for him. I dare not look in his eyes. He moans as he tastes my cum and his fingers go under my skirt into my panties again. He tells me how good I taste, as one finger lingers at the entrance to my hole. My heart is pounding right into my head as his finger goes in, slowly, taking its time, parting me like the Red Sea. I squirm, I moan, I let out sounds to let him know I want. Faster the finger moves and faster. He takes it out. Tastes me again. And then turns me around to face the wall.

His fingers grab my panties and slide them down, right under my ass, at the top of my thighs. His whole palm cups my ass and moves in between my legs. The finger goes in again. And then two fingers, in and out and in and out. The panties are wet between my legs and more juice is slowly dripping on the inside of my thigh. He takes out the soaked fingers and moves them back, circling my asshole. I twitch, I try to push back, but a hand firmly presses me into the wall. I whimper. He circles and then one wet finger pushes in. I feel so ashamed, I try to fight him, but there is no conviction to my opposition. His finger slips in and I feel my asshole tightening around him. Is my body pushing him out or sucking him in? His other hand grabs my pussy lips and spreads me open. He presses his whole body against me and me into the wall. One finger up my ass, slowly moving in and out, the fingers on his other hand painfully pulling on my lips and then finding their way inside of me. One finger up my ass and three in my pussy. He tells me I am a dirty girl, a shameless girl, his fingers go in and out with eagerness. Quickly they move, the build-up is unbearable. I feel myself filling up. I let go. I squirt all over his hand, into my panties, down my leg, spraying him and the wall. He moans loudly, he tells me what a mess I have made. Two fingers up my ass, three in my pussy. He moves them all with perfect coordination, with furry, his breath on the back of my neck, my tits pressed onto the wall. I scream and cum and cum. He takes out the fingers in my pussy, shoves them in my mouth, down my throat. I gag, covering his hand in drool. He pulls my mouth to him, he kisses my dirty mouth of drool and cum and them he puts his hand in my skirt again. Two fingers up my ass and four in my pussy. It is so much, so full. I scream. He pushes into me with no mercy, his heavy breath down the back of my neck, his hard cock pressing into my ass. I lose my senses. I scream loudly, I cum again and again, I relinquish my will and my body all over his fingers and only then does he stop. And his fingers turn back to soft tools that hold me tight and close as he kisses my forehead. As he lets me know that my surrender was just right. And I surrender once more to his gentle touch that got lost in the flurry of eager fingers.

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