If you want to start dating, just read this book

February 27, 2017 ,

I was extremely delighted to discover that my two favorite podcast hosts had published a book on how to build your dating profile. Cunning Minx and Lusty Guy from the Polyamory Weekly podcast came out with “No Dick Pics – Your Guide to Creating an Irresistible Online Dating Profile”, so I immediately got on the case and read it, in order to approach the subject of dating at the monthly Poly Meet-up that I organize.

And I have to say that the book is absolutely fantastic and a must-read for everyone, even though obviously geared more towards helping straight men, who do seem to have the hardest time in the dating world. The advice is solid and can be applied by everyone in order to improve the experience of being ”on the market”.

The first topic that the authors approach is choosing the moment when you decide to start dating and I believe this is an often ignored aspect of getting in the game. I have often found myself indulging the idea of dating only to realize that I didn’t have much willingness to invest time and energy in actually pursuing dates. So choosing a moment when you are prepared to date and willing to put some effort into it is essential.

The next chapters that deals with the description you could have in your profile and the pictures to choose for impressing potentials can help even the most uninspired guy or girl to build a thoughtful, honest and appealing profile. I often suspect when I stumble upon empty profiles that it is a lack of inspiration and ideas that make people skip filling in details about themselves. But the step by step approach proposed by Lusty Guy and Cunning Minx really is a gold mine for great ideas.

I also appreciated the straightforward presentation, that doesn’t bore you with unnecessary details. And the last chapter in the book, that gives you hints on how to compose a nice message for the people that might interest you has been of great help to me personally. As a woman, I am often the one who receives the messages. So when I decide to approach someone that I consider interesting, I find myself in a complete writer’s block.

So, in short, the book is an easy to understand, easy to follow instruction manual that might be of invaluable help in your dating experiences. Go right ahead and buy it here (it’s super cheap too).

P.S. Nope, I was not paid to make this review, it just happens to be a book I loved and found super-useful 😀

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