Pregnancy and Bondage

Written by: Kitty Rea
September 10, 2019

!Disclaimer! I am not a medical professional. This is info that I have gathered, as a model, from several medical professionals who I have consulted during my own pregnancy. The best thing you can do is talk to your own doctor about …

The wrong type of BDSM: 50 Shaders

Written by: Kitty Rea
December 19, 2016

It is a subject that has been long debated in the BDSM circles. Pretty much since the famous books became famous and started attracting a crowd to what was once a quite limited scene of kinksters. There is much criticism aimed at the book that any vanilla person has probably read about or heard about: that the book has nothing to do with actual BDSM, that the relationship between the main characters is not D/s, but abusive, that BDSM respects consent while the book discusses it in no way and that it is literary garbage. But I support it and believe it to be a good thing.

I want to learn bondage

Written by: Kitty Rea
November 19, 2016

It makes me so happy to discover that more and more people are interested in bondage and willing to learn how to tie. And everyone keeps asking me where they should start learning from, because truth be told, ropes are a lot …