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October 16, 2018 ,
A lot of the help that I found in dealing with difficult aspects of poly, was in resources about non-monogamy. I heard the stories of all of these people who were happy and fulfilled in their multiple relationships and I wanted to get there. Only I did not know how.

I guess what I would have liked someone to have told me a long time ago is that these people are not lying. They are not faking it, they are not just doing it for a good podcast or a good article on their blog. They are actually happy and there is real joy to be found once the storm quiets down. And also, that the more you work on yourself, the faster you will get there.

In the beginning, I had no one to talk to. I had no real resources, I had not discovered the podcasts yet so it was just me, wallowing with myself in my own misery and insecurities. But then, one by one, I discovered the voices that gave me more strength and more knowledge. Maybe you know some of these resources or maybe even all of them. Either way, use them, a lot.

Here are resources that I constantly go to for more insights into non-monogamy and just, generally, being a better person:
Poly Weekly
Life on the Swingset

You might also want to try:
Polyamory School
Poly Wanna Podcast
Normalizing Nonmonogamy
Monogamy Disrupted
Loving Without Boundaries

As awesome blogs, my go-to for info is:
Polyamorous Misanthrope
The Ferrett
More Than Two (this has some awesome, awesome resources to get you started, like this one: More Than Two – Practical Jealousy)

You might want to also try:
Conscious Polyamory
Poly Skeptic

And also you can ask me for any kind of advice. Also, you can ask questions about poly right here:
Ask Polyamory

Hope some of these help, especially if you did not know them already and feel free to add your own 😀

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