Ce te faci cu ex-ul?

Written by: Kitty Rea
October 20, 2020

  O despărțire e ceva adesea trist și măcar pentru că e finalul unui capitol din viața ta, oricât de lung sau scurt a fost. Dar există metode de a face despărțirile mai ușor de gestionat pentru toți cei implicați. Eu, dintotdeauna, …

On Vanity in the Pandemic

Written by: Kitty Rea
May 8, 2020

The Internet is filling up with jokes about women and their desperate need for nail salons and hairdressers. Some of them had me laughing in tears. We had videos of Italian mayors screaming at their constituents that they should not be calling …

Pregnancy and Bondage

Written by: Kitty Rea
September 10, 2019

!Disclaimer! I am not a medical professional. This is info that I have gathered, as a model, from several medical professionals who I have consulted during my own pregnancy. The best thing you can do is talk to your own doctor about …