An Easy Guide to Understanding What the Heck You Are Seeing on Stage at Bound

April 21, 2017 ,

Some of the shibari/bondage performances that I have done have been aired live on the Internet. It’s been mostly Periscope accounts of others that have fallen victim under the nudity of the performances and people seem to be extremely puzzled by what they see happening on stage. So, in order to aid with clearing some confusion, I have decided to write this guide that tries to answer the question: “What the actual f**&^…}*%*~ am I watching right now? To illustrate, here is a link to the last performance I did with Andrea Ropes in London, as part of the Bound UK shibari night event.

If you feel confused about what you are watching, then I think I can help you out. You are watching a stage performance of bondage. That means that during this performance you will see one person being tied and suspended in the air by another person. Not all bondage shows need to include a suspension, as people can be tied on a surface as well, without being lifted into the air. However most shows will include at least a partial suspension (most of the body lifted into the air while some part of the body remains on the floor). Some people tie themselves, in shows of self-suspension.

And now, questions from our fans (these were actually posted on Periscope, during the live transmission of a show last year):

Is an animal! (presuming they meant to affirm that the guy tying me is an animal)

Well, he is a superior primate, known as a Homo Sapiens and the people tying me tend to be pretty brutal and unforgiving. But other than that, I can assure you they are the sweetest, nicest people in day to day life.

What is he doing?

He is putting ropes on my body with the purpose of suspending my body, immobilising my body and most likely hurting me in a consensual way that is enjoyed by both of us. Hopefully it might also be enjoyed by the audience. If you find that you are not enjoying what you are watching or it feels too much, just close this browser window or the app and move on to something else. Our purpose is not to traumatise innocent viewers, but to share with you all of our emotions, passion and art.

Wish I could have that done to me!

There are many people all over the world who like tying or being tied. Maybe you should search for communities near you on Facebook, FetLife or just google it. You never know what might pop up. And if you find someone with experience in bondage, maybe you can live your own beautiful, memorable moments of rope.


Move on to something more intelligent. I sincerely hope that no one is actually forcing you to watch this.

What a thorobred she is (I am quite confused by this as well, but I am guessing they were referring to the racing horse breed)

Not a horse, though horses are wonderful. Never done pony play myself, but have ridden a human pony. Not that tall either, though being as tall as a horse is not something I ever particularly wished for. I don’t neigh, but I guess I could whip and nae nae if I liked the song (not a big fan…). If it was meant as a compliment, thank you, I guess.

She is kind of a whimp 

Oh, you should definitely give suspension bondage a try. And try not to be a whimp about it.

She likes pain

Yes, I do and very much so. I am a masochist and receiving pain in a consensual setting, from people I trust and care about is very erotic and satisfying for me. Not all people who are into bondage and BDSM have to be into pain, though. There are many reasons for doing bondage and each person has their own unique combination of what attracts them to rope.

He kidnapped her

I swear no one kidnapped me! I came here willingly and I can leave whenever I want (not exactly when I am tied, but immediately after the ropes come off).

I feel like I am watching a horror movie

Awww, thank you! That is kind of what we are aiming for so we are super delighted that we actually managed to scare you. I am also pretty scared while being tied and I think the only person who is very cool and collected about the whole thing is the guy tying me.

Number police

I am going to go ahead and assume that you hope someone would call the police to alert them of my suffering. That is really unnecessary unless they plan to also also join in and offer me a spanking while wearing their uniforms. In that case, what is the number for the police?

Cara vai matar ella

One year later I am still here so the riggers that have tied me in that time frame have not done a very good job of killing me yet.

Wanna learn to do this

Just as I said to our fan who wants this done to them, search for local groups or people into rope. See if there is a shibari studio in your area and maybe some classes that you can attend. Or just read my article here.

How does this turn people on

How does any number of weird, awesome, diverse things turn people on? Why do plastic dicks or the smell of a perfume or the image of soap bubbles on skin or certain lingerie turn people on? If you ask me, personally, I like the fear. I also love the anticipation, the helplessness, the pain, the smell of rope, the feel of someone’s hands all over my body. I enjoy the challenge I get, the testing of my limits, the promise of sex. And through all of those things it turns me on. For sadists it is the pleasure of seeing someone suffer.

You can learn more about Bound UK right here.

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