42 things you didn’t know about me for @AChildOfTheWild

October 13, 2020 ,
  1. I believe that in this post you will find the answer to life, the universe and everything 😀
  2. I don’t like cakes that are very sweet. I prefer the combination of sour and sweet and that’s why my favorite cakes have forest fruit mousses.
  3. I have an entire closet just for my lingerie. And another one for my high heeled shoes. And I regret nothing!
  4. I didn’t figure out I was bisexual until I was 25. Even though I had my very first sexual experience with a girl when I was around 12 (she was of the same age).
  5. I love spiders and snakes. I had a pet spider in high-school and his name was Iți.
  6. I suffer from a severe form of cute aggression. If I think you’re adorable, I will probably want to squish you with my love (eye popping squishing is my specialty).
  7. I started drinking espresso at the ripe old age of 32 after my Owner ordered me to try it.
  8. I am a huge sci fi buff. My favorite writer is Isaac Asimov and the quote tattooed on my back is in his handwriting that I copied from a book dedication that he wrote.
  9. I have a bucketload of vibrators, but I was never happier than when I got a Sybian on loan. Now that was a good day. I think the neighbours are still puzzled as to why their ceiling vibrates every now and again.
  10. I love fish and anything that comes from water (I eat dry algae as a snack and it’s delicious).
  11. I suffer from penis envy. Real penis envy. I really wish I had a dick as well as a pussy. That’s why I wouldn’t call myself totally completely cis.
  12. I love debates! I never cease to wish to be proven wrong by someone who has great arguments.
  13. The one thing that is bound to impress me is inquisitiveness. Both about the world and oneself, intellectual as well as emotional and sensorial.
  14. I had extreme reverence for books and keeping them in perfect shapes until I met my current partner. Now I blaspheme with a marker in my hand and no one wants to lend me books anymore.
  15. My longest standing interest is in human sexuality and relationships. I tend to drift in and out of other interests, such as politics, philosophy and hard science.
  16. I collect seashells and magnets from wherever I go. I am basically a walking, talking tourist cliché and I am loving it!
  17. I plan on visiting all the countries in the world before I die.
  18. I took up long distance running after a break up and learnt that heartache can be an excellent motivator, if you allow it.
  19. I am an organizing freak. I have so many folders inside folders with tiny little neat folders inside of those that it would make your head spin. I also can tell you where every piece of clothing in my closet is despite the fact that my closet is 5 meters long. I also have a love affair with bullet points and numbered lists so this post is making me super happy.
  20. I love tentacle porn and bound gangbangs.
  21. I carry my diary with me everywhere and inside of it I have notes from my loved ones, pictures of people I care about and mementos from my favorite places. It’s like a self care emergency kit.
  22. First time I got tied, I had a panic attack. But I had dreamed of getting tied for so long that I kept at it and eventually learnt to love the constricting feeling.
  23. I actually tend to believe more in education and constructive dialogue between races and genders, but I also like jokes that poke fun at the oppressive majority because I believe they grab attention and can be catalysts for productive conversation.
  24. I have a very strong fetish for male hands and feet. I also believe foot&hand fetish should be a thing.
  25. I have trained for almost 2 years to learn how to be on time. I used to be late by half an hour to most meetings and I hated myself for it.
  26. I loved having hot pink hair, but it required dying it every two weeks. It was hell. But looked pretty in pictures!
  27. I develop very strong obsessions for songs. If I really like a song, it is likely to be on repeat, in my playlist, for 3 weeks, every single day. The happiest time of my life was when I worked for someone who had the exact same habit.
  28. I hate my Macbook Air. It’s my favorite thing to bitch about. I only bought it because at the time it was the lightest laptop you could get. Like, seriously, why put the x for closing windows and programs on the opposite side? Why?!
  29. I decided to have a kid with my husband pretty much in the first month of our relationship. I knew he would be an amazing dad because he was more moved by baby clothes and prams and babies than I was.
  30. I used to see myself very unappealing until I posed for a professional photographer for the first time. Now I love shooting people so they can see themselves through my eyes and hopefully realise how absolutely gorgeous they are to me and the world.
  31. After I had a baby, I had to donate 200 out of my 215 bras, since they no longer fit me. I cried. But the girls at the yard sale were thrilled.
  32. I fell in love with London the first time I visited. It was the only city that I have visited that looks exactly how I had pictured it in my head as a kid.
  33. My favorite podcasts are Hidden Brain and 99% Invisible, which you should definitely listen to!
  34. I only started climbing mountains this year and I swear it is glorious.
  35. I bought myself plane tickets to Tokyo for my 30th birthday. Best birthday present EVER!
  36. I almost had a criminal record for indecent exposure because I posed naked in front of the Parliament Palace… And the National Library… And the House of the Press…
  37. I actually enjoyed the isolation during the pandemic. I had so much time to read!
  38. I used to smoke until I turned 26. It took me about a year of trials and failures to actually give it up.
  39. I love sucking cock. Like, I really, really love sucking cock.
  40. I like wearing men’s perfumes as I think they suit me quite well.
  41. I get tanned like crazy. If I dare to stand 1 meter away from a ray of sun, I will get tanned, with T-shirt lines and everything. It’s kinda hot, but also very annoying.
  42. I really like public flashing. One time, during a shoot, a guy almost fell with his bike in the lake, because I was just prancing around naked.

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