23.06.2018 – Help yourself with the help of others

July 10, 2018 ,

My Friday did not look like the best of days. All of my humans were out of town, doing their own thing and I have admitted to myself a long time ago that I have an anxiety of being alone. I associate that with my darkest moments of depression and it jars me. I decided to go into work during the day, a way of catching up on tasks that needed getting done, but also to fill my head with some practical objectives. And then a wonderful opportunity presented itself. One of my metamours (a partner of my partner, for those of you who are not familiar with poly terminology), asked for some help and advice. Initially I thought of going out for coffee, but then I realised this was a great chance for me.

So I asked him to come over and watch a movie and just spend time together. And he accepted. In short, it was a wonderful evening, we talked about bondage and kink and prided ourselves on our childhood achievements in broken bones and scars. I really think that the older people get, the more they inevitably end up talking out their bumps and bruises :)) But aside from all that, we had such a great time talking to each other and connecting that we never ended up watching a movie. (You know who you are and you can thank me any time, because I would have so made you watch “Kung Fu Panda” with me!).

I was so grateful and learnt a few important lessons:

– there are people out there who would love to spend time with you; don’t be afraid to ask them to do just that

– accept that there are things you are anxious about and work towards finding solutions to alleviate your anxieties

– take time to invest in the people who are in your life; your metamours can become your friends, if you make a bit of effort and just try

– I really, really enjoy sharing what I know with others and knowing that I had a positive impact in their lives, no matter how small that impact might be

– some people don’t like eggplant salad, which makes them total weirdos :))

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