2018 – A Year of Waiting

December 31, 2018 ,
This year that is about to pass has not been an easy one. It has had it’s challenges, like any other year. The most challenging of all has been the waiting.

I have not learnt a lot about patience in life and I find it very hard to stand still. And this year has had it’s fair share of waiting. I have had to put many of my passions on hold. I have been waiting for big projects to finally materialize. I have waited for a love that disappeared out of my grasp.

I wanted to say that this has been a difficult year, but looking back on it, I would rather think of what I have gained. I have gained a new life in my life. I have gained more patience and learnt more about myself. I have made clear plans that I hope to stick to in the coming years. I have gained a best friend, which is the rarest thing one can really ever find. I worked more on myself and my health, both mental and physical. I have met an extraordinary man who changed me and my understanding of what I want. My existing relationships have become deeper and more meaningful.

I have helped people and hope to get that opportunity more often. I have traveled despite it being challenging and painful sometimes. Ultimately, at the end of the day, despite all that was gained and lost, I have lived. And that, right there, is the biggest gift. 

Thank you to all of you who have been close to me, who have been happy and sad with me, who have supported me and have taught me about myself by not supporting me. Thank you to all the new friends and all the people who have started projects with me. Thank you to all of those who have appreciated my work and have cheered me on. May we all have a blast in 2019! 

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