2018.09.01 – On Learning

September 2, 2018 ,
Today’s post celebrates the goal of always learning and improving. Because I never thought that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Sure you can, especially if the dog is most willing!

I am very grateful today that my Owner gave me a link to a post by Mihai Șora. In it, the Romanian philosopher tells us how every year, on the 1st of September, he writes down two or three things he plans on learning in the coming autumn. And this seemed to me like a marvellous idea for a resolution in the autumn, so I thought I would give it a go.

In the past three years my schedule has been so full that I have not had time to focus on some of the things that I have really wanted to learn. So here goes my list. It is a bit longer, but I have also come into a lot more free time, so I hope I can fit everything in 😀

  • I am going back to school and I plan on reading the curriculum, doing all of my projects and assignments and putting all of my younger colleagues to shame. 😛
  • I have been looking forward to reading more about shibari and putting that knowledge to good use, by finally making the YouTube channel on rope.
  • I plan on reading a lot more on sexuality and relationships and starting the podcast project that has been in my plans with my Owner for the past 4 years (it has actually been 4 years, recently, since we first talked about this and he got me on board).
  • I will do the One-movie-a-day challenge. I have not really been able to watch and understand the art of movie-making as much as I would like to. So I plan on watching all of the movies directed by the most famous and appreciated directors and maybe widen my knowledge in this area.
  • If mister Șora can do it, so can I (this is also on his list). I am not going to let a day pass without one hour of learning Japanese (of course I will not be able to stick to this every single day, but it is important to aim high and not be disappointed if sometimes you don’t live up to your standards).
  • And finally, I plan on going to a lot more cultural events. And to start this off on the right foot, I got a ticket to a ballet show (have not been to one in 20 years, I think) and to a theatre play with an actress I very much admire. Also going to a Drag Queen Show 😀

Even if my list is long, I will now have it here as a reminder of what I aspire to. And even if I won’t always manage to do everything that I have in plan, I promise myself I will not beat myself up too badly and will try again. And I will be more determined and more diligent every single time. So take some time to think about it: what would you like to learn and have never found the time for? Why not start today, with the smallest of steps: write it down and pin it somewhere where you can always see it. And then start working towards achieving it!

The pic for this post is one of the very first lists of goals that I made. I think I was around 25 and I was going through major changes in my life. And I can proudly say that I achieved most of the things on that list.

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