2018.08.31 – On Loss and Change

August 31, 2018 ,
Today’s post is to celebrate change and loss. They might be hard to face and scary, but it is always a good reminder that you can make it, no matter what.

It has been a very trying time in my life lately. And in these two last days of summer, I have given up my day job and have had a major change in one of my existing relationships. These two changes are not bad in and of themselves, but they have caused me some restless nights, because change is scary. Because most of us do tend to be creatures of habit and I know I am.

But every single time I face loss or change, I use a trick I have been using since I was a teenager. I look up at the sky and breathe and think. I think of how beautiful the sky is, no matter the season, no matter the moment of the day, no matter the weather. I have always found the sky to be extraordinary and ever changing. This reminds me that even though things change, even though I change, I will still be here tomorrow. And I will always be able to find beauty around me, from the smallest things, to the magnificent and large scale.

And I have also come to see loss and change as not only sad and painful sometimes, but also as opportunities. If nothing ever changes, how would you ever try new things? If you never lost anything, how would you make room for anything else?

Finally I think that instead of living in an illusion, trying to ignore change and all of the things that I have lost and hurt, it is better to be present and aware. It is preferable to live in the moment and acknowledge that nothing is ever certain and nothing stays the same. And that is exactly the reason why I should enjoy things when I have them. That I should stop worrying or living in the past, but focus on what I have right now, because I never know if it will still be here tomorrow.

So this post is meant to express my gratitude for changes. They may hurt or scare me, but they are one of the best tools to learn about myself, to challenge myself and to accept the reality of life as it is. And if there are things that frighten you in your life, dare to accept your feelings. Take these challenges as your very own adventure. See for yourself that you can survive anything and come out a better human being for it.

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